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Greetings from the Greatest Cherry Region in the World!

Michigan's NW Lower Peninsula is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. In fact, we grow 75% of the country's variety of mighty Montmorency cherries. We use these Ruby Red Morsels of Joy in over 200 cherry products like Salsas, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cherry Nut Mixes, and much more. Find your favorite today, and don't forget to brighten someone's day with a Cherry Republic Gift Box!

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We try not to let it go to our heads!

We try not to let it go to our heads!

We sell a ton of cherries to our customers and they're always quick to tell us what they think of us. But it's also nice when some newspaper, TV show, or magazine has a kind word or two to say. Sometimes we let the fame go to our heads, but most of the time we stay pretty grounded. Here's a selection of quotations from individuals, and publications large and small.


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