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Average Summer Employees Annually


Number of Gift Boxes Mailed Last Year


Number of Locations


Percentage of Women in Leadership Positions

Employment Values


We capture and share the vital spirit of cherries and Northern Michigan


Cherry Republic is great because each employee feels fully charged and free to innovate new ways to work smarter, save money, and grow the company.


(Lightness of being) Like the sweet spot between land and water, we find that idyllic space between purposeful work and having fun.


We gratefully share the earth's abundance. Generosity is our foundation and is the value that most defines our special company.

We Journey

Together as a team, we overcome to reach the big open spaces where we can spread our wings and soar.

Benefits And Wellbeing

Cherry Republic believes that work should be fun! Each of our core values touches on making our customers and our employees happy. Encourage our employees to have a strong life balance. We want your work to be part of your life, so in addition to a comprehensive healthcare, dental and vision package, we offer our employees additional wellness benefits including:

  • Paid Holidays, Paid TIme Off and Paid Time Off For Your Birthday Each Year
  • Leaft Day - Cherry Republic Holiday To Celebrate Fall
  • 401k Contribution Plan
  • Continued Education Support
  • Supportive Employee Assistance Program
  • Seasonal Employee Housing In Glen Arbor, MI
  • College Match Program
  • Wellness And DEIB Committees
  • Tri-Share Childcare Participant

Charitable Giving

Our mission statement — Life, Liberty, Beaches & Pie — is packed full of meaning, but perhaps the most meaningful value we strive to live out is that of Pie, which represents generosity and is at the heart of all we do at Cherry Republic.

This spirit of giving has motivated us, in collaboration with our dedicated customers, to bestow grants amounting to remarkable $3 million over the course of the last three decades. These funds have been allocated to promote clean energy initiatives, conserve precious farmland, enhance outdoor recreational spaces, and foster the sustainability of our communities.

Cherry Republic Retail Locations

Who would have thought in 1989 when Bob was selling t-shirts out of the back of his car that over 30 years later Cherry Republic would be the leading cherry retailer in Michigan? Today we have six beautiful stores sprinkled throughout the state, and each location has its own personality. We invite you to visit them all!