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A Floridian’s Guide to Northern Michigan

A Floridian’s Guide to Northern Michigan

The leaves are changing here in Northern Michigan, and the air is getting cooler. I have just arrived in Northern Michigan, and this is my first full winter. I think there are three essentials when braving a bitter Michigan winter. The essentials are a warm waterproof coat, Cherry Republic True Cherry Coffee, and comfortable hiking shoes. The scenery is so beautiful, but the weather can be unpredictable, according to the people who have lived here longer than I have. 

Nothing is better than waking up on a beautiful fall day and having a good cup of coffee. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Standing at a window appreciating the fall colors is one of my favorite things, and adding a cup of sweet True Cherry Coffee makes you feel warm and toasty. It gives you a kick to get you through the day without making you jittery. That is the worst feeling when you get the focus from the coffee, and then your mind quiets, but your body is shaky. Anyway, I feel that there’s no better coffee in the world. I have been to Italy and France and enjoy this locally roasted coffee much better. There is nothing like looking at the fall colors and being in the beautiful state of Michigan.  

To prepare for the day, I recommend taking a nice insulated raincoat. The weather in Michigan is almost as unpredictable as Florida’s. In Florida, there is one minute of sunshine, then 20 inches of rain over 5 minutes, then sunny for the rest of the day. A cozy coat will keep you warm, and more importantly, it will keep you dry. When you go out to experience the beautiful fall colors, then make sure to dress warm. Nothing is worse than when you are out enjoying the day and can’t shake the cold. Wear a base layer, and you will be fine. It’s not too cold to the point where one might as well stay inside, but it can be chilly if the breeze hits you correctly.  

One thing about Florida that most people do not realize is that it is not a tropical paradise like the media depicts. Florida is hot and humid all year. There have been Christmas’s when the air temperature has been 70 with 90 percent humidity. There is always humidity. It doesn’t matter what part of the year it is. Can you tell that I do not miss the Sunshine State at all? I am so excited for my first proper winter. One thing the locals have told me is that I need to find a hobby. I love hiking, going to the trails, getting lost in the woods, and finding my way. It clears my head. After you’ve had your cup of blissful cherry coffee, I suggest heading out on a hike. One of my favorite hikes is the Dune Climb. It is around two miles, and you start at the base of the dunes, and the trail goes to Lake Michigan. The terrain is beautiful. Good hiking shoes are mandatory because I usually walk the whole way barefoot, and you do NOT want sand in your shoes. That will ruin the hike. You will stop more often than intended because you must clean the sand. I suggest some high tops with pants that go down over the top of them because that will be the best way to keep you on the trail for as long as possible.  

As a Floridian, I will keep you in the loop on my essentials for staying warm and braving the elements. It can be scary taking on a new place, especially one where you don’t know anyone. When you come to Northern Michigan, stop at Cherry Republic. I would be happy to meet you!