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Cherry Kale Chili Verde

Cherry Kale Chili Verde

Chili is a very popular food Up North. It's perfect for cool summer evenings and those winter days that chill you to the bone. Glen Arbor even hosts an annual Chili Cookoff in February that brings together contestants from around the area.

The varieties of chili are endless so we enjoy concocting our own recipes using our secret (well, not so secret) ingredient - cherries! This Cherry Kale Chili Verde was created by CR's own Jonathan O'Connor, a Cherry Ambassador in our Traverse City location. He utilized our Cherry Salsa Verde and Cherry Bob's Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce to give this chili some extra punch, but it is only a medium spicy recipe so if you need more heat, add in some chili flake or extra hot sauce!



  1. If using fresh Northern Beans (not canned), soaking the beans overnight in water is a necessity.
  2. In large pot sauté onions on med/high until golden (4-5 min.), add garlic and cook 2 min.
  3. Add salsa and lime and lower heat to low/med.
  4. Add beans and cook until desired texture on beans.
  5. Add tomato, chicken broth, chicken breast (yes, uncooked), and hot sauce and cook on low for 1 hr.
  6. Pull chicken from pot and cube it.
  7. Add prepped kale and cubed chicken and cook for 25 min.
  8. Chop cilantro when ready to serve and use as garnish.