During their first visit, André left thinking, "Who knew there were so many great ways to eat cherries?!"

Payal and André take great pride in the fact that since their discovery of Cherry Republic of Ann Arbor, they have sampled nearly every one of our products. They’ve even made the trek to Cherry Republic of Traverse City to check out our northern neighbors! As much as they love our store, it’s Colette, their French bulldog, who is our biggest fan. "We love that you let Collete come in here come in here, and she loves the Woof Whompers, she just can't tell you," said Payal. As her parents were speaking for Collete and her love for these dog cookies, she was snorting with pure excitement and joy the whole time. 😂😍 🍒 Her human parents love how dog-friendly Ann Arbor is, and they said no downtown walk is complete without a motivational Woof Whomper!

André says that the luckiest thing to ever happen to him was when he asked Payal to marry him at the Chicago Institute of Art and she said YES! Payal says she feels they were lucky to find the best dog ever!