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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

  1. Have Some Summer Fun in Leelanau County!

    Tackle the Sleeping Bear Dunes ‘Dune Climb’ What’s better than climbing up a golden sand dune? Running back down, of course! Serious hikers can choose to make the 3+ hour trek to Lake Michigan. Just be sure to bring water and sandals … that sand gets hot!   Kayak, canoe or tube the Crystal River A leisurely float or paddle...
  2. Celebrating Our Love of Mother Earth

    If Christmas is our favorite holiday at Cherry Republic, Earth Day is a close second. Because as much as we love brightening peoples' spirits with ruby red morsels of joy, we also love caring for our planet. In fact one of our Core Values is "LIFE: We value and appreciate Northern Michigan and cherries." That's why we've given more than...
  3. Some Snowy Springtime Fun

    Some Snowy Springtime Fun
    It snowed eight inches again last night. Here we are, halfway through April and Northern Michigan is back to winter wonderland for the second time in 10 days. We’ve had these little windows of spring that allowed us a hike on the beach last weekend. It was a mix of beautiful sandy beach to stretch out on (in our coats) and yet, just 100 yards down the beach four foot ice mounds to climb on. Here are some photos of the family and I enjoying a beach of perfect balance between winter and spring.
  4. Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure

    Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure
    Due to the thunderstorm, we started out on our third annual Leaf Day hike a little later than usual. The boys wanted to hike the dunes, so my goal was to hit the most remote and difficult to get to spots on the dunes with this special day off from work and school.
  5. 2016 Glen Arbor Area Winter

    2016 Glen Arbor Area Winter
    Laura Ann Johnson, Cherry Republic’s marketing manager to a few hours and snapped a few photos of all the fresh snow around Glen Arbor on Tuesday morning. Click here for a short blog of her best photos. Above is the a favorite angle of the Crystal River at the Dunn's Farm Rd culvert.
  6. 2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review

    2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review
    We took a look back at what was a fantastic year here at Cherry Republic. We had so much fun and accomplished so much, we just had to make a top eleven list of some of our favorite events and accomplishments of 2015.
  7. Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Raises $45,000

    Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Raises $45,000
    We have to begin with the Glen Lake Community Reform Church’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteer effort. They have cleaned up 27 yards and put in 500 volunteer hours. Re-Arbor Glen Arbor has donated $5,000 to them in early October and we just donated another $5,000 last week.
  8. Cherry Republic's Leaf Day

    Cherry Republic's Leaf Day
    Leaf Day was created by Cherry Republic to celebrate the amazing colors of fall, and to take a day to reflect or enjoy the outdoors in the last of our good weather. We are all so busy all summer and into fall that we don’t often find time to just enjoy the outdoors. Leaf Day will allow us to do so during the most beautiful time of year in Northern Michigan.
  9. Cherry Republic donates tractor to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear

    Cherry Republic donates tractor to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear
    In partnership with between Cherry Republic, Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear, and Friends of Sleeping Bear have taken steps towards better maintaining the historic farm fields in the National Park. Cherry Republic has offered to purchase and donate over five years a tractor for the Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear.
  10. Bob's Story of the Storm

    Bob's Story of the Storm
    I am sitting outdoors under a great white oak. It is one of the proud survivors that stand among his fallen brothers. Both oak and I are stunned at the severity of this storm and Glen Arbor’s great white oaks are the ones that took the brunt of this bewildering storm of August 2nd, 2015

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