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Northern Michigan

  1. Introducing Citizens of the Republic

      Have you heard of the famous ‘Humans of New York’ blog created by Brandon Stanton? He interviewed and photographed individuals in New York City, including quotes and short stories from their lives alongside candid portraits. Stanton’s blog inspired us and got us thinking about how Cherry Republic could learn more about our Citizens. Well, one of our core values...
  2. Celebrating Leaf Day - The Republic's Holiday

    Celebrating Leaf Day - The Republic's Holiday
    With a nod toward our whimsical company value of ‘Beaches’ (as in “Life, Liberty, Beaches & Pie), which reminds us work should be done with a light heart, we took it upon ourselves to create our own holiday: Leaf Day.
  3. A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things

    A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things
    Fall is one of the shortest yet most spectacular seasons of the year in Northern Michigan. And if steamy summer days stretch on through September and biting winds start blowing ahead of schedule in early November, you might just blink and miss this glorious time of year! All the more reason to be purposeful about squeezing in autumn activities while you can.
  4. Summer Into Fall

    Summer Into Fall
    This September has truly become an extension of summer.  I am thankful that the boys haven’t had any homework, so the moment they are out of school we’ve been able to do all the million things a person can do under the sun in Northern Michigan.  Colebrook and Hawthorn caught the biggest fish they’ve ever had on a line.  They built beach structures and slept on the beach under the stars.  They’ve snorkeled and tubed and learn to water ski.  But again, these photos can express the fun far better than words….
  5. Two Boys and Their Lines

    Two Boys and Their Lines
    The Coho came into the Crystal River recently.  Colebrook and Hawthorn have been driving by the fishermen on their way to school each day, which really put them in a fishing frenzy this past weekend.  On Friday night, we shopped in TC for spawn bags, hooks, and heavy duty line, and when the boys woke up Saturday morning they had one goal-- catch a big Coho, King or Chinook Salmon.  
  6. A Walk In The Woods... To School

    A Walk In The Woods... To School
    Seven days before the Glen Lake Community School year ended, Colebrook, Hawthorn and I completed our 5th annual nine mile walk to school. And it only took 5 hours!
  7. Escape the Fourth of July Crowds in Northern Michigan

    Escape the Fourth of July Crowds in Northern Michigan
    The Fourth of July weekend is one of the busiest weekends all summer in northern Michigan. Visitors from around the country flood the soft beaches, crystal blue waters, and energized towns to celebrate American freedom. Sometimes, just sometimes, though, the crowds can be a little overwhelming so we asked some locals what their secret plans were for Independence Day.
  8. How do You Give?

    How do You Give?
    We would love your input on our giving.  Please email us a few paragraphs about who you will be donating to this December and why; and if you give your time to the group as well. Starting on this Saturday, December 1st, we will send out checks of $500 to $10,000 to organizations in Northern Michigan and Ann Arbor.  The...

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