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Lake Michigan

  1. Traveling Test Kitchen

    February 28 - We're Hitting The Road! March and early April can be a bit quiet in the Republic, so we decided it would be the perfect time for a road trip! Starting next weekend, March 9-10, we'll be packing up our Traveling Test Kitchen and hitting the road. Our goal? Visit Citizens throughout the state and have them give...
  2. Celebrating Our Love of Mother Earth

    If Christmas is our favorite holiday at Cherry Republic, Earth Day is a close second. Because as much as we love brightening peoples' spirits with ruby red morsels of joy, we also love caring for our planet. In fact one of our Core Values is "LIFE: We value and appreciate Northern Michigan and cherries." That's why we've given more than...
  3. Summer Into Fall

    Summer Into Fall
    This September has truly become an extension of summer.  I am thankful that the boys haven’t had any homework, so the moment they are out of school we’ve been able to do all the million things a person can do under the sun in Northern Michigan.  Colebrook and Hawthorn caught the biggest fish they’ve ever had on a line.  They built beach structures and slept on the beach under the stars.  They’ve snorkeled and tubed and learn to water ski.  But again, these photos can express the fun far better than words….
  4. 2016 Glen Arbor Area Winter

    2016 Glen Arbor Area Winter
    Laura Ann Johnson, Cherry Republic’s marketing manager to a few hours and snapped a few photos of all the fresh snow around Glen Arbor on Tuesday morning. Click here for a short blog of her best photos. Above is the a favorite angle of the Crystal River at the Dunn's Farm Rd culvert.
  5. Bob's Cherry Republic Plunge

    Bob's Cherry Republic Plunge
    I had resigned myself to be done - that after 15 years of jumping in Lake Michigan every month of the year, that my run of invigorating dives were over. And so, I began telling people that this October would be the first month in 188 that I did not jump in.
  6. Cherry Republic's Leaf Day

    Cherry Republic's Leaf Day
    Leaf Day was created by Cherry Republic to celebrate the amazing colors of fall, and to take a day to reflect or enjoy the outdoors in the last of our good weather. We are all so busy all summer and into fall that we don’t often find time to just enjoy the outdoors. Leaf Day will allow us to do so during the most beautiful time of year in Northern Michigan.
  7. Rising from the wreckage

    Rising from the wreckage
    I am reminded daily of good will. Our community, friends & co-workers have truly been amazing. It seemed as if every time I left my house this past weekend I would return to find more friends who had come by just to help us with the clean up.
  8. Summer Storm Photos 2015

    Summer Storm Photos 2015
    Here are three of the most poignant sky photos we have come across.
  9. What's New Up North This Summer

    What's New Up North This Summer
    A lot has happened locally over the past few months. If you’re returning for summer, here’s a sampling of what you’ll notice.
  10. Spring in Northern Michigan

    Spring in Northern Michigan
    After a long, cold winter, spring is coming to northern Michigan! While there is still a chill in the air and doubtlessly more snow before summer, the sun is noticeably warmer and the piles of snow and ice are melting.

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