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Glen Lake

  1. A Walk In The Woods... To School

    A Walk In The Woods... To School
    Seven days before the Glen Lake Community School year ended, Colebrook, Hawthorn and I completed our 5th annual nine mile walk to school. And it only took 5 hours!
  2. 2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review

    2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review
    We took a look back at what was a fantastic year here at Cherry Republic. We had so much fun and accomplished so much, we just had to make a top eleven list of some of our favorite events and accomplishments of 2015.
  3. Bob's Cherry Republic Plunge

    Bob's Cherry Republic Plunge
    I had resigned myself to be done - that after 15 years of jumping in Lake Michigan every month of the year, that my run of invigorating dives were over. And so, I began telling people that this October would be the first month in 188 that I did not jump in.
  4. Stronger Than the Storm

    Stronger Than the Storm
    We are still mourning the loss of many many of our iconic 100 year old trees. These great white pines and white oaks have been in our peripheral vision all our lives, like quiet friends giving us balance and emotional nourishment.
  5. Bob's Story of the Storm

    Bob's Story of the Storm
    I am sitting outdoors under a great white oak. It is one of the proud survivors that stand among his fallen brothers. Both oak and I are stunned at the severity of this storm and Glen Arbor’s great white oaks are the ones that took the brunt of this bewildering storm of August 2nd, 2015
  6. Summer Storm Photos 2015

    Summer Storm Photos 2015
    Here are three of the most poignant sky photos we have come across.
  7. Our Staff Stories of the 2015 Glen Arbor Storm

    Our Staff Stories of the 2015 Glen Arbor Storm
    The storm that slammed into the Glen Arbor region was nothing short of devastating to the community and businesses. The large volumes of work crews in the region have been working hard to restore normalcy to everyone. Slowly we are recovering and vigilant to the cause.
  8. Hide & Go Seek - Ready or Not...

    Hide & Go Seek - Ready or Not...
    Here is everything you need to know to win products and have a great morning of fun playing hide and seek with Cherry Republic: First delivery teams leave at 8 am from the warehouse. Look for groups of two wearing red tees. At 11 am, all seven teams will be out making deliveries so that is the best chance to capture some goodies.
  9. Spring in Northern Michigan

    Spring in Northern Michigan
    After a long, cold winter, spring is coming to northern Michigan! While there is still a chill in the air and doubtlessly more snow before summer, the sun is noticeably warmer and the piles of snow and ice are melting.
  10. A Skate to School Across Glen Lake

    A Skate to School Across Glen Lake
    Bob and his boys made their annual seven-mile walk to school in the winter this year. A shortcut across Glen Lake on ice skates should have made the trek quicker than previous years, but there was too much up north beauty to soak in.

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