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  1. A Wonderful Leaf Day 2017

    A Wonderful Leaf Day 2017
    I took my family to the other side of Grand Traverse Bay — to Torch Lake, Bellaire and the farms, trails, woods and wetlands of Antrim County. It took some time to persuade the boys that this switch in Leaf Day activities would be worth it.
  2. Leaf Day - A Letter from Our President

    Leaf Day - A Letter from Our President
    I am happy to announce Leaf Day, our very own Cherry Republic National Holiday. We will be closed today Monday, October 16, to honor the autumn season and all the good in our lives.
  3. A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things

    A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things
    Fall is one of the shortest yet most spectacular seasons of the year in Northern Michigan. And if steamy summer days stretch on through September and biting winds start blowing ahead of schedule in early November, you might just blink and miss this glorious time of year! All the more reason to be purposeful about squeezing in autumn activities while you can.
  4. Fall Color Tour of Leelanau County - Our Top Spots

    Fall Color Tour of Leelanau County - Our Top Spots
    Northern Michigan's fall foliage is legendary, and Leelanau county might be the crowning jewel. While most visitors experience the soft summer hues of Caribbean blue waters, sparkling beige sands, and lush green forests, when summer ends and temps drop Autumn is ready to move in. If you're planning a fall color tour in Leelanau County, we'd humbly suggest you take a look at some of our top spots.
  5. Summer Into Fall

    Summer Into Fall
    This September has truly become an extension of summer.  I am thankful that the boys haven’t had any homework, so the moment they are out of school we’ve been able to do all the million things a person can do under the sun in Northern Michigan.  Colebrook and Hawthorn caught the biggest fish they’ve ever had on a line.  They built beach structures and slept on the beach under the stars.  They’ve snorkeled and tubed and learn to water ski.  But again, these photos can express the fun far better than words….
  6. New Fall Line Up

    New Fall Line Up
    The first shades of Fall are painting the leaves here in Northern Michigan. Reds, oranges, and yellows travel over the hills and along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Fall certainly is a beautiful setting for hikes, bike rides, and adventures.
  7. 2015 Special Fall Harvest Cherry products

    2015 Special Fall Harvest Cherry products
    We thought it would be fun to mix photos of fall with our fall Harvest products. Fall has stayed around this year like a good friend. We love our fall products just as much as we’ve loved this warm and blustery weather.
  8. Leaf Day Wrap Up For 2015

    Leaf Day Wrap Up For 2015
    When Monday came to celebrate Leaf Day it was a fantastic day for Cherry Republic employees to enjoy the nice weather. Next year we are going to try harder to get Leaf Day recognized as a holiday at least in the Northern Michigan area.
  9. Fall Around the Republic

    Fall Around the Republic
    It's hard for us to pick a favorite time of year up north in the Republic. But if you forced us to, we'd have to say "fall." It's so peaceful. But for us at Cherry Republic, fall is also the calm before a different storm. Take a tour of the beauty of fall up north and get a peek behind the scenes as Cherry Republic gears up for the holidays.
  10. 2013: A Year In Review

    2013: A Year In Review
    2013 was one of our most spectacular years ever. We are incredibly lucky - we work with the most amazing group of people and have the happiest and most fun and caring customers ever. We can't ask for anything more.

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