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  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Come Join Us

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Come Join Us
    Join our happy throng of worker elves this holiday season. It’s not the North Pole … it’s better! It’s Cherry Republic, and we are hiring for the holidays. We pay a minimum of $10/hour. Day, night, and weekend shifts are available.
  2. Bloggers mix business with pleasure at Cherry Republic

    Bloggers mix business with pleasure at Cherry Republic
    Recently we had a group of food blogger visit Traverse City for a business retreat coined “Sharing By The Shore” mixing business with pleasure. These blogger could not have selected a better backdrop than the Traverse City area or a Cherry Republic store. Their purpose was to connect, share ideas and learn from each other much like many people do at conventions or trade shows.
  3. Progress From The Storm

    Progress From The Storm
    Glen Arbor slowly returns to normal many acts of kindness abound as neighbors help neighbors in the community to get things back to normal.
  4. The Holidays in the Republic

    The Holidays in the Republic
    A brief thaw over the last week had us wondering if we'd miss out on a white Christmas this year. The snow melted, and even the ice on Little Glen – which had been thick enough to skate on – began to break up. But last night the weather turned again, delivering strong winds, stormy skies, and a couple of inches of fluffy white snow on the ground.
  5. Hiking the Bay to Bay Trail

    Hiking the Bay to Bay Trail
    It's an epic hike. From south to north across the entire Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, hiking the Bay to Bay Trail will be an amazing experience. The trail's planned route runs from the south of the park all the way to the north and passes through much of its most stunning scenery. What an addition to the park this will make!
  6. The Great Bay to Bay Trail-Breaking

    The Great Bay to Bay Trail-Breaking
    A new hiking trail is coming to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It's called the Bay to Bay Trail, and it will run the length of the park, from Platte Bay at the south end to Good Harbor Bay at the north end. We're trying to raise money to help it happen!
  7. Riding the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

    Riding the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail
    The newly opened section of the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail connecting the Dune Climb with Empire to the south is even more beautiful than the original section. It winds its way through hillier terrain and denser forest, but steep climbs are almost immediately rewarded by swift descents through shady glades. We took a leisurely ride along it the moment we heard it was open. Here's what we made of the new five and half miles of trail.
  8. Rooted in Empire

    Rooted in Empire
    On Friday, May 23, Cherry Republic broke ground on our new cherry factory in Empire. Located behind our current facility in the beautiful northern Michigan village of Empire, our new addition will nearly double the size of our current facility giving us greater flexibility and expanding our production capabilities.
  9. Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

    Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive
    No list of northern Michigan scenery is complete without a mention of Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. Situated between Glen Arbor and Empire it offers spectacular views, firstly through forest and across Glen Lake, and then over the dunes and out across Lake Michigan.
  10. Surfing in Northern Michigan

    Surfing in Northern Michigan
    After mid-October, the winds whipping off Lake Michigan really start to pick up. For the adventurous few who surf the Great Lakes, these gales create a unique playground. Dressed in thick wetsuits with hoods, boots, and gloves to insulate from the fierce cold, these diehards brave 30-knot winds and icicles on their eyebrows. The prize is waves that are head-high or even larger.

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