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Bob Sutherland

  1. Some Snowy Springtime Fun

    Some Snowy Springtime Fun
    It snowed eight inches again last night. Here we are, halfway through April and Northern Michigan is back to winter wonderland for the second time in 10 days. We’ve had these little windows of spring that allowed us a hike on the beach last weekend. It was a mix of beautiful sandy beach to stretch out on (in our coats) and yet, just 100 yards down the beach four foot ice mounds to climb on. Here are some photos of the family and I enjoying a beach of perfect balance between winter and spring.
  2. A Wonderful Leaf Day 2017

    A Wonderful Leaf Day 2017
    I took my family to the other side of Grand Traverse Bay — to Torch Lake, Bellaire and the farms, trails, woods and wetlands of Antrim County. It took some time to persuade the boys that this switch in Leaf Day activities would be worth it.
  3. A Look Back at 2016

    A Look Back at 2016
    Now that 2017 is upon us, it is time to take a look back at all of our Cherry Republic memories from 2016. Here is a blog with a few of our favorites and most memorable moments from January through December 2016.
  4. Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure

    Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure
    Due to the thunderstorm, we started out on our third annual Leaf Day hike a little later than usual. The boys wanted to hike the dunes, so my goal was to hit the most remote and difficult to get to spots on the dunes with this special day off from work and school.
  5. Paddle to School

    Paddle to School
    Last fall, The boys and I decided to switch the year’s walk to school up with a different form of travel - paddling to school. It was my idea for this fourth annual event, and the boys were against it at first. Colebrook wanted to run the seven miles to his classroom. “And let’s do it in a hour,” said my nine year old. “Yuck, that doesn’t sound fun,” said Hawthorn, the little legged brother.
  6. Cherry Republic Opens In "Little Bavaria"

    Cherry Republic Opens In "Little Bavaria"
    Cherry Republic is opening a storefront in Frankenmuth. The planning and remodeling is going great. The space is terrific. We hope to be open by Memorial Weekend.
  7. State of the Company 2016

    State of the Company 2016
    Cherry Republic’s State of the Company meeting had a packed agenda of 18 items to cover in three and a half hours. During our meeting, we laughed often, cried, celebrated and really pulled up our shirt sleeves and got some important stuff done. You can see the theme for the State of Company (and for the next 90 days) on the red banner-- The journey of the Republic continues. Amazingly, we were eating lunch together exactly 3 hours 30 minutes later.
  8. Cherry and Bright Customer Survey 2015

    Cherry and Bright Customer Survey 2015
    Thanks again to everyone that took the time to take our survey. We learned some really valuable things to improve, but we also learned that we are doing a lot of things really well.
  9. 2016 Cherry Barter

    2016 Cherry Barter
    In 2014 we had Cherry Republic barter and it was so much fun getting everyone “misfit” gifts we thought we’d do it again. And thank goodness this is over! We received about 20 people that wanted to barter with us, which means a lot of you were very good in 2015 or got what you asked for. Obviously some of you didn’t get what you wanted and elected to trade with us for cherry goodness.
  10. 2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review

    2015 Cherry Republic A Year In Review
    We took a look back at what was a fantastic year here at Cherry Republic. We had so much fun and accomplished so much, we just had to make a top eleven list of some of our favorite events and accomplishments of 2015.

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