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Ann Arbor

  1. Payal, André, and Collete!

    During their first visit, André left thinking, "Who knew there were so many great ways to eat cherries?!" Payal and André take great pride in the fact that since their discovery of Cherry Republic of Ann Arbor, they have sampled nearly every one of our products. They’ve even made the trek to Cherry Republic of Traverse City to check out our northern...
  2. Traveling Test Kitchen

    February 28 - We're Hitting The Road! March and early April can be a bit quiet in the Republic, so we decided it would be the perfect time for a road trip! Starting next weekend, March 9-10, we'll be packing up our Traveling Test Kitchen and hitting the road. Our goal? Visit Citizens throughout the state and have them give...
  3. Introducing Citizens of the Republic

      Have you heard of the famous ‘Humans of New York’ blog created by Brandon Stanton? He interviewed and photographed individuals in New York City, including quotes and short stories from their lives alongside candid portraits. Stanton’s blog inspired us and got us thinking about how Cherry Republic could learn more about our Citizens. Well, one of our core values...
  4. Changes in the Republic

    Changes in the Republic
    We have been busy at work this spring preparing for Memorial day weekend the official kick off to summer! We welcomed many of our new and returning cherry ambassadors to our stores and saw many familiar faces in our stores this past weekend.
  5. Cherry Republic Introduces a New Line of Unique Products

    Cherry Republic Introduces a New Line of Unique Products
    Cherry Republic is happy to introduce "The Red Ladder," their new line of unique products designed to surprise and delight everyone who is already a fan of their "Life, Liberty, Beaches, and Pie" way of living.
  6. Cherry Delivery Man in the Making

    Cherry Delivery Man in the Making
    Wednesday afternoon I loaded up the big white truck and hit the road to stock our Ann Arbor store with it's two week rations of cherry goodness. When our logistics manager asked me to take the drive, I thought it would be fun to stop and spend the night with my sister and her family in East Lansing.
  7. Kick Off the Holidays with Cherry Republic

    Kick Off the Holidays with Cherry Republic
    Hard though it may be to believe, the holidays are just around the corner! Swing by your closest Cherry Republic on Friday, November 14 from 5-9 p.m. as we kick off the season in style.
  8. How do You Give?

    How do You Give?
    We would love your input on our giving.  Please email us a few paragraphs about who you will be donating to this December and why; and if you give your time to the group as well. Starting on this Saturday, December 1st, we will send out checks of $500 to $10,000 to organizations in Northern Michigan and Ann Arbor.  The...
  9. A Golden Opportunity

    A Golden Opportunity
    This post was written by Alex Lowry.  She and her family were Cherry Republic's millionth gift box recipients.  Inside this box they found our Golden Ticket, which automatically earned them a trip to Glen Arbor and a peek into the inner workings of Cherry Republic.  Here are her reflections on their trip: I need to start with a confession. Last...

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