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Cherry Republic

  1. Hot Cherry Cheese Dip

    Thanks to Shannon Murphy for submitting this recipe for our 2018 Holiday Recipe Contest! Shannon prefers to use our Original Cherry Salsa, but feel free to use the heat level of your choice -- from Mild to Hot to Cherries on Fire! This dip is best served hot/warm with tortilla chips (she suggests the Scoops-like chips), but it's also delicious...
  2. A Letter From Bob: Be the Voice for Our Natural Resources

    Dear Friends, There is an unspoken code in the friendly Midwest: Don't talk about politics. It's just not polite. In fact, conventional wisdom says that Cherry Republic should keep things light and only talk about the weather and cherries and family. But never, ever talk about an election. But I have to wonder, who does that serve? Does our company's...
  3. Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

    Three Cheese Grilled Cheese
    In terms of comfort food, a gooey grilled cheese sandwich is the comfiest. As much as we love the original American cheese version, there are hundreds of cheeses and other add-ons out there to really spruce up this classic. We assigned our head chef with this enviable task.
  4. Cherry Republic Holiday Bark

    Cherry Republic Holiday Bark
    Kathy Schmidt from our Glen Arbor store has been making this delicious (and easy!) recipe for more than 10 years. We're happy to share it with our good Citizens just in time for the 2018 holiday season. The magic ingredients are our popular Ambassador Mix and our White Cherry Blossoms. Click here to purchase our Holiday Bark Bundle at a...
  5. Celebrating Leaf Day - The Republic's Holiday

    Celebrating Leaf Day - The Republic's Holiday
    With a nod toward our whimsical company value of ‘Beaches’ (as in “Life, Liberty, Beaches & Pie), which reminds us work should be done with a light heart, we took it upon ourselves to create our own holiday: Leaf Day.
  6. An Evening Supporting MLCV With Bob + Steph

    An Evening Supporting MLCV With Bob + Steph
    Cherry Republic President Bob Sutherland and his wife, Stephanie, are hosting a party at the new Cherry Public House in Glen Arbor to support Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV). We will discuss the current state of Michigan’s waterways and our vision for a powerful conservation voters movement in 2018 and beyond. Please come join Bob and Steph and many other like-minded lovers of Michigan's woods and waters to see what actions we can take to protect them for generations to come. Please join us on August 16 for this important gathering!
  7. Biking the U.S. for M.S.

    Biking the U.S. for M.S.
    Back in March, we got an email from Jerry VanStrien, a cycle-enthusiast on a mission. Jerry was about to embark on a cross-country bike trip from Kentucky to San Francisco to raise money to battle Multiple Sclerosis — and he was looking for some fuel for his team in the form of cherry love.
  8. Tickling Our Funny Bone

    Tickling Our Funny Bone
    We had a sneaking suspicion that our Citizens are among the most clever folks around, and you proved us right! Last month we put the word out that we were looking for new quips for our legendary in-store signs, and we received ideas from more than 100 people!
  9. New Charlevoix Store - A First Look

    New Charlevoix Store - A First Look
    On Thursday, June 7, 2018, after years of renovation, Cherry Republic of Charlevoix opened its doors for the first time. Here are some photos of the store as Cherry Ambassadors from far and wide prepare it for those summer Charlevoix visitors.
  10. The May Farm: Harvesting Sunlight

    The May Farm: Harvesting Sunlight
    It seems fitting to write a blog post about a solar grant project against the backdrop of spring’s lengthening days. The plants, animals and humans on the farm are harvesting every extra minute of daylight, faces tilted toward the sun.