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Up North

Cherry Republic

  1. Arizona Adventures

    It’s 10 pm and I just realized I left the kids pajamas in a suitcase in an outside compartment of the camper.   It’s our first full day in AZ and I’m exhausted, so I say, “We’re sleeping in our underwear.”  The boys are fine with that decision and we squirm into our sleeping bags and are asleep in minutes. Later...
  2. Valentine's Day: Behind the Scenes

    Valentine's Day: Behind the Scenes
  3. The Future of the Republic

    The Future of the Republic
    We are planning our projects for the year.  Would you like to chime in on what work should be our priority?   Serving baked goods and ice creams in our TC store too?  Getting pies baked in Ann Arbor?  Offering tours and contests in Glen Arbor?  A Cherry Republic in Shanghai or Washington DC?  Sound off in the comments section at...
  4. Renewal.

    Steph is on a National Outdoor Leadership School adventure in the mountains of Arizona.  The kids are nearly 5 and 7 so she now has a chance to focus on her own personal growth and renewal.  The new year is a great time to do this. Is it life’s own law that we humans tend to spin ourselves into ruts...
  5. Your Memories from 2012

    Your Memories from 2012
    Here are some emails we received when we asked if Cherry Republic had any role in making good memories for 2012: Bob - Your wonderful newsletters full of the touching stories about how you are raising your boys to be such lovers of life, nature and family. Supplying rehearsal lunch guests at my son's wedding in August with jars of...
  6. Goals for the New Year

    Goals for the New Year
    As the New Year arrived, I have been working with my staff on our three year goals.  And we put some big growth goals in our A3 that left one of my staff asking “why go to all that trouble to grow Cherry Republic?  What’s the meaning of it all?” There is a fine line to growing the company and...
  7. Lighting up the Town

    Lighting up the Town
    The Lutheran Church surprised everyone in town by decorating their big beautiful spruce with well orchestrated blue lights.  Hawthorn, my 4 year old, even glowed over it.  There is the entryway to Bear Paw Pizza. Here is a view of Art's Tavern.  It takes them three days to decorate up for for the Holidays.  Christmas in Glen Arbor wouldn't be...
  8. 31 Days of Giving

    31 Days of Giving
    December 1st A $5,000 check will go out to Our local private school, the Leelanau School. I should tell you a story: It is the story of a young teenaged Japanese girl named Ayaka Ogawa who lost her entire family-- Mother, Father, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles in the tsunami. She received a full ride scholarship at the Leelanau Schools...
  9. How do You Give?

    How do You Give?
    We would love your input on our giving.  Please email us a few paragraphs about who you will be donating to this December and why; and if you give your time to the group as well. Starting on this Saturday, December 1st, we will send out checks of $500 to $10,000 to organizations in Northern Michigan and Ann Arbor.  The...
  10. November Up North

    November Up North
    We had some wild weather in the past month.  My friend Charlie Crouch snapped this photo on Sleeping Bear Bay during a big storm. Here is a video of the winds 1000 miles from Hurricane Sandy. Colebrook and Hawthorn OD’d on candy. The boys playing on a giant nest of sticks. Hawthorn posing with a hatchet before he starts chopping...

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