It's National Cherry Month! Celebrate With These Special Prices

Up North

Cherry Republic

  1. Cherry Cheer Events

    Cherry Cheer Events
    Join us Up North for fun in the Republic. We have lots of events coming up at our retail stores during this Holiday season.
  2. Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure

    Sutherland's Leaf Day Adventure
    Due to the thunderstorm, we started out on our third annual Leaf Day hike a little later than usual. The boys wanted to hike the dunes, so my goal was to hit the most remote and difficult to get to spots on the dunes with this special day off from work and school.
  3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Come Join Us

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Come Join Us
    Join our happy throng of worker elves this holiday season. It’s not the North Pole … it’s better! It’s Cherry Republic, and we are hiring for the holidays. We pay a minimum of $10/hour. Day, night, and weekend shifts are available.
  4. The Nouveau Est Arrive!

    The Nouveau Est Arrive!
    In celebration of Leaf Day Weekend, we are introducing the Balaton Nouveau Wine. This limited release is the first wine made with this year’s bountiful cherry harvest. Come in to one of our five stores Friday, October 14th for an official tasting from 5pm - 7pm, and give our new fresh, fruity red Balaton Nouveau Wine a sample.
  5. New Fall Line Up

    New Fall Line Up
    The first shades of Fall are painting the leaves here in Northern Michigan. Reds, oranges, and yellows travel over the hills and along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Fall certainly is a beautiful setting for hikes, bike rides, and adventures.
  6. Cherry BBQ Wings

    Cherry BBQ Wings
    Introducing Cherry Republic’s Cherry BBQ Spice Rub - straight out of our kitchen, just in time for the tailgating season. As the weather starts to cool, stay warm at the grill eating our new spicy-hot and zesty-tart BBQ Rub. Our Chef has already created a delicious Cherry BBQ wing recipe. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  7. Ultimate Cherry Republic Breakfast Muffins

    Ultimate Cherry Republic Breakfast Muffins
    Now in production is our new Caramel Flavored Cherry Applesauce. When ever we have a new product to try out, our Chef wanted to create something using it. What they arrived at is the Ultimate Cherry Republic Breakfast Muffins.
  8. Cherry Republic's New Spritzers

    Cherry Republic's New Spritzers
    Cherries, wine, and bubbles… how can you go wrong? Introducing two new additions to the vast array of cherry deliciousness here at Cherry Republic: Cherry Wine Spritzer and Apricot Cherry Spritzer. We start with our cherry wine, then punch it up with some bubbles–and some apricot for the Apricot Cherry Spritzer–to create these light and refreshing carbonated wine spritzers.
  9. Hide and Seek 2016

    Hide and Seek 2016
    Here is (mostly) everything you need to know to win products and have a great morning of fun playing hide and seek with Cherry Republic: Delivery teams leave at 9 am from the Cherry Factory in Empire. Look for groups wearing gray CR staff “Cherry is my Jam” t-shirts. At 11 am, all teams will be out making deliveries so that is the best chance to capture some goodies. All you have to do is walk up to them and say, “I’m intercepting your hide and seek delivery.”
  10. BBQ Sauce

    BBQ Sauce
    Summer 2016 we introduced two new barbecue sauces to our stores. Below are some photos of our Mantinou Gold NEW, Smoky Cherry BBQ Dressing NEW and Original BBQ.

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