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  • Ice Caves of Lake Michigan

    The wild winter this year has brought frigid temperatures, mountains of snow, and large waves to the Republic. We can now add ice caves to that list! Take a look at some of the photos we took while exploring these remarkable formations on the ice. Read more...

  • Polar Vortex: The Winter Storm in Northern Michigan

    The polar vortex has hit northern Michigan today. It is three degrees today, with a brutal wind chill that brought down the temperature to -20. My cousin Andrew Moore and our Digital Manager, Andrew Pritchard joined me this morning in documenting the beauty of this ferocious winter storm. Read more...

  • Winter in Northern Michigan

    Here's a photo slideshow of winter life Up North. We routinely get questions about how we survive the winter - these pictures will hopefully shed some light on the answer. Enjoy! Read more...

  • Fall in Northern Michigan

    Fall may be the most beautiful season in northern Michigan. The trees which we paid little attention all summer have exploded with magnificent reds, golds, yellows, purples and greens, reminding us that they're still there. Roads are lined with mammoth cornstalks, delicious apples, plump pumpkins and crazy gourds. Read more...

  • Glorious Glen Arbor!

    Summer has come to Glen Arbor and things are heating up at Cherry Republic. Here's a quick look at some of the things going on here as we gear up to play host to the summer visitors. We hope you'll be among them. Read more...

  • Northern Michigan February Snapshot

    Winter has struck with a vengeance in the northern Michigan. Huge snow banks, icy lakes, and frigid temperatures will continue for us for at least a few more weeks. But even when it's cold, it sure is beautiful up here! Read more...

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