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Hide and Seek 2016

Here is (mostly) everything you need to know to win products and have a great morning of fun playing hide and seek with Cherry Republic:

Delivery teams leave at 9 am from the Cherry Factory in Empire. Look for groups wearing gray CR staff “Cherry is my Jam” t-shirts. At 11 am, all teams will be out making deliveries so that is the best chance to capture some goodies. All you have to do is walk up to them and say, “I’m intercepting your hide and seek delivery.”

Be sure to check in often to our Facebook and Instagram and look for #HideSeek on our social media pages during the day. If you decide to post a photos please use this hashtag #HideSeek in the text message that accompanies a photos or text updates. It will help you track down where everyone is as they will be updating their positions.

Here is the rundown of each teams:

Team Bakery Babes: Sam and Emily will be followed by a trail of flour as they will be coming straight from their morning bake in the Glen Arbor Cafe.  Look for their white footprints on another trail that runs from Empire to Glen Arbor.  Maybe if you are lucky they will bring some extra Boomchunkas on their trip.Team Baker Babes

Team Spoon and Fork Lift: Renee, Evan and Lesley will be carting around a little red wagon full of Cherry Republic product or maybe Renee and Lesley will make Evan pull them the whole way.Team spoons and fork lift

Team Tri: Laura Ann and Tom are both training for triathlons, part of training is making sure you are eating during your workouts.  Make sure you catch these guys before they eat all of their own product.  Bring your bike, bathing suit AND your running shoes if you want to catch these two.  Did you know it is a mile across Little Glen Lake?

Team Tri

Team Mal and Al:  These two are ready to soak up the sun!  Let’s just say we will not be giving them anything that can melt, but making sure they have their sun bonnets and lots of water both bottled and fresh.

Team Mal and Al

Team Goonies: Ryan, Leah and Sara all work in the Cherry Factory so they know where all the best cherry products are kept and how they are made.  Make sure bring a bike and your bathing suit to catch up with these guys.  You might spot them along the shores of Glen Lake, or lifeguarding for some other Cherry Republic staff...

Team Goonies

Team Manitou Passage Pirates: Jason and Bob will be hitting the high seas in their old decked out Hobie Cat that will be sailing a Cherry Republic flag.  They will be zig zagging intentionally from beach to deep water.  Wave them down if you see them and they will try to land their ship near you.  (But watch out for their water balloon cannon).  Be careful when intercepting them-- you are in lawless waters.  Oh, you didn’t know there have been several instances of pirating in the Manitou Passage?  Aye Aye, Matey.

Manitou Passage Pirates

Team Mysterious: Tyler will be… well we really don’t know where Typer will be, he might wander into the woods, might join up with another team, or maybe hitch a ride and help our citizens find all of the teams.

Team Mystery