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  1. Traveling Test Kitchen

    February 28 - We're Hitting The Road! March and early April can be a bit quiet in the Republic, so we decided it would be the perfect time for a road trip! Starting next weekend, March 9-10, we'll be packing up our Traveling Test Kitchen and hitting the road. Our goal? Visit Citizens throughout the state and have them give...
  2. Celebrating Our Love of Mother Earth

    If Christmas is our favorite holiday at Cherry Republic, Earth Day is a close second. Because as much as we love brightening peoples' spirits with ruby red morsels of joy, we also love caring for our planet. In fact one of our Core Values is "LIFE: We value and appreciate Northern Michigan and cherries." That's why we've given more than...
  3. Some Snowy Springtime Fun

    Some Snowy Springtime Fun
    It snowed eight inches again last night. Here we are, halfway through April and Northern Michigan is back to winter wonderland for the second time in 10 days. We’ve had these little windows of spring that allowed us a hike on the beach last weekend. It was a mix of beautiful sandy beach to stretch out on (in our coats) and yet, just 100 yards down the beach four foot ice mounds to climb on. Here are some photos of the family and I enjoying a beach of perfect balance between winter and spring.
  4. Fall Color Tour of Leelanau County - Our Top Spots

    Fall Color Tour of Leelanau County - Our Top Spots
    Northern Michigan's fall foliage is legendary, and Leelanau county might be the crowning jewel. While most visitors experience the soft summer hues of Caribbean blue waters, sparkling beige sands, and lush green forests, when summer ends and temps drop Autumn is ready to move in. If you're planning a fall color tour in Leelanau County, we'd humbly suggest you take a look at some of our top spots.
  5. 2017 Summer Photo Contest

    2017 Summer Photo Contest
    Here in the Republic, we live by the motto Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie. We try to define it, but what makes it special is that it means something different to each person. So what does Life, Liberty, Beaches, and Pie mean to you? Can you capture its spirit? Enter our 2017 Summer Photo Contest for a chance to win amazing Cherry Republic prizes!
  6. Top 10 Northern Michigan Spring Activities

    To celebrate spring and all it offers northern Michigan, we've created a list of our top 10 favorite springtime activities.
  7. 2015 Port Oneida Community Dinner Success

    2015 Port Oneida Community Dinner Success
    Cherry Republic hosted a great fundraiser for the Port Oneida Community Alliance. It ended up being a reunion of sorts with many of the kin of the old homesteaders from that historic district attending.
  8. It is fall and time for a celebration of everyone’s hard work this summer!

    It is fall and time for a celebration of everyone’s hard work this summer!
    Port Oneida Farm event will be a pre-fix dinner, so a few of our winery staff will be happily pairing each course to wine and specialty drinks. My mother and I will host and we look forward to sharing some stories with all who attend. My Mom and I together means we are all guaranteed to have a few laughs.
  9. Hide & Go Seek - Ready or Not...

    Hide & Go Seek - Ready or Not...
    Here is everything you need to know to win products and have a great morning of fun playing hide and seek with Cherry Republic: First delivery teams leave at 8 am from the warehouse. Look for groups of two wearing red tees. At 11 am, all seven teams will be out making deliveries so that is the best chance to capture some goodies.
  10. What's New Up North This Summer

    What's New Up North This Summer
    A lot has happened locally over the past few months. If you’re returning for summer, here’s a sampling of what you’ll notice.

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