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Welcoming New Products...and a new Innovation Coordinator!

We have a new employee at Cherry Republic-- Amy Eaton, who will be our Innovation Coordinator.Amy worked at Hickory Farms for 16 years.  They are the big cheese and sausage retailer you’ll see in many malls around the Holidays.   We are really pleased to have her as she has plenty of product experience and savvy.  She starts in two weeks, but already she has given us a list of dozens of exciting cherry products.With her meat background, she suggests Cherry Summer Sausage, Pistachio and Cherry Terrine, Cherry Smoked Jerky and Cherry Smoked Bacon.  Yummm.  Does that bring up any ideas for you?  What do you think of Amy’s?

Amy has some great ideas for sweets as well.  How about a Cherry S’more Snack Mix?  Or Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Cherries?  Dark Chocolate Cherry and Pecan Bark, anyone?
Divinity with Dried Cherries?  Any sweets you’d like to see us create?

And Amy suggests we keep creating many new products products to go into jars.  How about opening some Cherry Horseradish, Cherry Chipotle Chicken Wing Sauce, Cherry Chutney with Nuts and Jalapeno to pour over cheeses and a Cherry Ham Glaze.  And Amy even brought to one of her interviews a first try at a Savory Cherry Tapenade.  Come to the Glen Arbor store and give it a taste!

She knows we like our baked goods around here.  Cherry Macaroons?  Cherry LInzer Cookies filled with Cherry Almond Butter?  Cherry No Bakes?  Cherry Cheese Cake?

Now here is your chance.  What ideas for products do you have?

  • Sandra Grinkmeyer

    Please produce more cherry products with no added sugar. Your Blue Cherry Preserves is the best and it is so because of no added sugar, but it seems to me that you have no others in that category. Thank you.

  • Diane Bristol

    Sounds like you picked a winner in Amy!!! Can't wait to get up north this summer and try out some of her new delights. They all sound awesome!!!!!

  • Chris P.

    I think all her ideas are great -- especially liked the cherry S'more snack mix, the hand dipped chocolate covered cherries and the dark chocolate cherry and pecan bark. Keep those cherry products coming!

  • Mary Kay Grabig


    I had popcorm with white chocolate last night...yummmm
    Throw some cherries in it and call it snowycapcherrypopcorn..GO AMY:)

    You should open a store in the UP of Michigan. Interested?
    I can be reached at 906-337-0635

  • Caryn Lance

    Cherry Almond Scones to go with Cherry Almond Butter, of course!

  • Sue Randall

    My husband suggested this some time ago, but there's nothing like a re-run! We think chicken/turkey brine containing dried cherries (along with other great ingredients - sea salt, brown sugar, some kind of citrus, etc.) would be a wonderful addition to your product line!

  • Dick Gortz

    How about a cherry pound cake mix to make at home?

  • don fox

    Hi, at one time you offered a fudge sauce that was cherry flavored it is no longer offered. Maybe it didn't sell well but perhaps it needs to be reformulated and given a different name. It was very thick as I recall. It probably should be the consistancy of Hershey's fudge. Don

  • Jo Faulmann

    I purchase a large box of various cherry products to take to a beach party a group of college friends have every year in late October. These friends, in turn, and have become loyal customers of yours as well.
    Regarding your products, several have mentioned to me that your cakes are too dry. I agree. Could you check into this.

  • Debora J. Shinew

    1. Cherry Fluatas - flour tortilla wrapped around a succulent cherry pie filling and baked for 15 min. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
    2. Frozen Cherry Sensation - cherry syrup and soda like 7-up and ice. Spin in a blender, garnish and serve.

  • David Overton

    We just love coming to your store in Glen Arbor. Because our daughter has a number of food allergies we have to be very careful where we take her for food items that we have not prepared. Even with these allergies your store is a highlight every year because of the incredible variety you offer. It is a rare treat to watch her feeling just like any other kid while sampling items there. I thank you for this. Her major allergy has been a gluten intolerance. I would love to see the addition of any product that you could add that is gluten-free.

  • Mark Sutherland

    I have been telling Bob for years, sugar free products please. I order for everyone but myself, as I am diabetic. You are missing out on a large market.

  • keary oconnor

    gluten free and safflower/sunflower oil free cherry protein bars. I can't eat those first three ingredients.

  • Wes

    I'd love to see chocolate ice cream sauce with cherries in it. We had some a couple of years ago but I don't know who made it or where we got it. I thought it was a hot fudge type sauce like Saunder's but I'm not sure.

  • Gloria Selby

    I love your cherries and I would love to see you develop a cherry pie filling that is tart as well as sweet, with more cherries and less fill. I dislike buying cherry pie filling because it is always too sweet for me and is mostly "filling". Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  • Alicia

    I think you should carry moonshine cherries:

  • Barb Suska

    My idea for a new product white chocolate almond cherry bark

  • Peggy Brown

    All the above sound YUMMY. For us sissies how about a cooler version of the chicken wing sauce and the chutney over cheese,

  • Connor Shaw

    We vote for the dark chocolate cherry and pecan bark!! Hear, Hear!
    How about sour cherry muffins (maybe throw in some dark chocolate too)? Maybe you guys already make those? I make my own granola and always put your cherries in the mix. Your cherries are the absolute best!

  • Charlotte Sechler

    It sounds like you've picked a winner, lots of new introductions, I love the good chutneys that you put on cream cheese etc. also the new mingling of flavors of smoky, etc. also the cherry amcaroons, yummy. Thanks, Charlotte

  • Norma Knapp

    How about cherry licorice? Is there cherry fruit snacks or the fruit roll ups? I love the sound of Amy's ideas.

  • Dick Renaud

    How about Dark Chocolate cherry almond bark.
    Dark chocolate cherry almond cookies.
    Anything Dark chocolate almond.
    I am in a rut.

  • Cindy Landers

    Cherry Teryiaki glaze for salmon, chicken, beef, kabobs, etc. They make delicious apricot teriyaki glaze for salmon, why not cherries? Cherry bran cereal would be yummy too, I always add dried cherries to my raisin bran.

    Welcome, Amy to the Cherry Republic! You're going to like it here, Up North!

  • Kim Polley

    Cherry flavored coffee creamer!!

  • Craig Van Hill

    The last time we came to Ann Arbor I was thinking how good a cherry caramel apple would be. Maybe you could even make cherry caramel dip. That would fit in a jar.

  • Paula Radosevich

    Not a new idea, but please please please bring back your cherry pancake syrup you sold about 2 years ago. A lady in customer service was very helpful and told me I could approximate it by mixing cherry concentrate with corn syrup, but it's just not the same!

  • Beth

    No on the meats, yes on the sweets! I have a jar of cherry pepper jelly I am planning on using over cream cheese so I thought you had that covered... Have a great career Amy Congratulations to you all!

  • Kimber Pierzchalski

    How about cherry chocolate chips for baking, cherry chocolate chipe muffins, cherry ice cream, chocolate bar with a creamy cherry filling, cherry donuts (filled or a cherry cake). how about for those of us who like to watch our waste line coming up with some of your current products at a reduced calorie?

  • Scott Glanz

    More BBQ products - especially a cherry infused "dry rub" for ribs, steaks, chicken, etc. Thanks!!

  • Julie Dalton

    Sounds yum, but please consider some sugar-free treats. Those with diabetes would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Priscilla Cogan

    Cherry eclair bites, Cherry rice Crispy surprise, cherry concentrate for flavoring smoothies, Cherry protein powder, cherry flour, cherry nut bread.

  • Ellen Miller

    This isn't edible, but seems like a great idea to me: Cherry-print flannel pyjamas! Called, of course, Cherry Jams. My third pair is about worn through, and I can't find any good quality ones as replacements.

    The pairs I've had were from Garnet Hill and The Company Store. Good-quality flannel, classic cherry prints. Please think about it!

    Thanks, and good luck with your new job.


  • Sharon Samoska

    I would so like a cherry oatmeal with chocolate chip dry mix that can be used to make cookies. That could be made without the chocolate chips as that would ship better year round and the consumer could always buy that item. I would also like a toasted cherry oatmeal crumble for pie or on sweet potatoes. Perhaps an all in one mix would serve for both. Love those cherry products... For ham glaze, I use the cherry jelly with some cloves stuck in the ham and a bit of brown sugar. I wonder if kids would like a peanut butter-cherry jelly spread....

  • Ann Keiser

    I love Cherry Repbulic

    New Products are great.

    Has any thought been given to Sugar Free for People that cannot
    have sugar.

    Made without Fake Sugar and corn surpy.


  • Kristin Barrett

    Every morning during our two week vacation in Glen Arbor in July my husband and I enjoy coffee on the Republic's patio. Unlike him, I prefer not to have something sweet in the morning. For years I have been waiting for a cherry bagel! Maybe with some lowfat cherry cream cheese!!! Yum!

  • Sally Lewis

    Would love airplane sized jars so that I can bring them home with me. Love shipping specials on new products too :) Or maybe a mini jar sample set (3 ounces or less?)

  • Kathryn

    Maybe you could do a fresh cherry summer where people could have a 3-5 lb box shipped to their home every 2-4 weeks? Dried cherries are great, but a fresh fruit snack on hot summer days is hard to beat!

  • Jill Washburn

    We're big fans of dried cherries with salted nuts, which has now turned into a salted cherry obsession. So how about some salted cherry chocolates? Or maybe some other salted cherry concoctions...

  • Harriet Bosch

    Would love the white chocolate cherry almond bark! And your cherry granola is to die for - absolutely the yummiest product you have (which is saying a LOT) - so how about cherry oatmeal mix? What I keep waiting for too are some really cute Tshirts and sweatshirts, maybe even a polo shirt that is a bit classier than something with a big picture on the chest (like a neat cherry logo on the pocket area). A chewy cherry macaroon with a bit of dark chocolate on top would be great.... And by all means, you do need more items for diabetics.

  • Harriet Bosch

    I neglected to mention that I don't buy your cookies, bars, cakes, etc. as they really are DRY! But, if you could figure out how to make some cherry scones (or cherry almond scones) and keep them moist, I would buy them for sure! Cherry fruitcake for the holidays?

  • Carolyn Study

    The cherry divinity sounds devine--go for it!!

  • Kathleen Kinsey

    a couple of years ago you offered for a limited time some cherry citrus jam/jelly that we loved but havent' seen since. Also would be interested in cherry peanut brittle!
    Can't get enough of those cherries!!!!

  • June Minick

    Cherry bagel with low-far cream cheese. Cherry smoked bacon. Cherry ham glaze. Definitely cherry summer sausage! Cherry-covered peanuts. If you go some products sugar-free, which you should, be sure and use natural stevia sweetener. Stay away from that dangerous aspartame.

  • Gretchen

    Cherry Maple Syrup
    Cherry chocolate chips
    Cherry BEER!!!!!
    Cherry Pretzels Nuggets
    Cherry Meltaways
    Cherry Peach Jam
    Snak packs with chips and salsa
    Trail Bars
    Chili chocolate in 8 oz

  • Clairellen McLaughlin

    I say ditto to the dark chocolate pecan bark.....anything with dark chocolate, cherries and pecans! Muffins, granola, oh my!

  • Scott Okerlund

    Cherry puffs...super it will melt quickly in your mouth and have an after taste of a cherry patch. Kind of like the Veggi Stixs found in the snack aile. Would be great to have on a hike or while watching a move. Could be great for all those looking for an item low/no sugar, like diabetics or folks watching their weight. Not sure how it could be made or if it could be done sugar free and still taste yummy.
    Or...what about cherry popcorn that you can pop yourself in a microwave like Orville does, or actual kernal popping corn that can be made over a camp fire and be cherry flavored some how. Just some thoughts.

  • Judy

    Welcome Amy! My husband and I would love any kind of dark chocolate cherry products made with 70% cacao or higher. For example, dark chocolate covered cherries with a liquid (not cream) center would be heavenly!!
    Also, please don't ever stop making the cherry scones! I can hardly wait until July when we visit to have a delicious cherry scone with coffee every morning! Just a suggestion for the Café also...Cheese pizzas baked with fresh cherries on top!

  • Cille Griffin

    Hi, seems like Amy has some fantastic ideas already. I would love to see a cherry and pecan nut roll. Thanks.

  • Stephanie Wilson

    First, I didn't find any place to comment on your customer service. Sorry, but I have nothing negative to comment on! One of the memories that sticks in my head is a couple Christmases ago, my 32 yr. old wanted your malted milk cherry balls in her stocking. When I called in my order, you were out of them, but my "helper" said she'd find some somewhere...and she did...they were in my order...she went the extra mile for me. Very cool.

    As for new products: my family would LOVE any meat infused with cherries-ie bacon-OMG, they would be in heaven. Now I know my next suggestion would need refrigeration-maybe in with the ice cream and lunch stuff, but we always take a trip to Tom Deerings in Empire looking for his cherry link sausage. He doesn't always have it, depending on the day. I little healthy competition is a good thing! And a cherry beer would go well with that sausage....did I mention I'm from German Cincinnati?!!

    Looks like you got a gem with Amy! Way to go! Look forwards to seeing what's new this summer!

  • Debra

    Love the idea of "Cherry Jam" pj's mentioned about. Agreed, "just say no to the meat and yes to the sweets".Anything dark chocolate sounds wonderful - dark chocolate cherry almond bar - great suggestion Amy. Lastly, how about providing more recipes using your products. This will encourage me and others to try new products.

  • Tony Hall

    How about a lighter beverage offering - cherry infused sparkling water/spritzer line. Cherry-Cherry, Cherry-Berry, Cherry-Lime, Cherry-Thyme, Cherry-Basil, Cherry-Mint...

  • Claudia Michaels

    Everything suggested by Amy that goes in a jar sounds wonderful to me. I would love to see a cherry shortbread cookie or cherry scone. Having just attended my first English tea, I would love to try the scone with my afternoon tea. I'm praying for a great growing season so that there are plenty of cherries for everyone and especially for me. I missed my boomchunkas this year.