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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

My boys and I have never had a spring with such a variety of activities.  I thought it would be fun to give you a little photo blog update of Colebrook and Hawthorn playing outside amidst this major power struggle between Spring and Winter.


Here's a short closing video of Hawthorn and Colebrook sharing some energized moments as we explored the beaver pond along Kelderhouse Rd.

  • abbie

    These are the best experiences one can give children. The world of nature is a play place and a work place. The experiences your boys are having will be memorable. How wonderful!

  • Mary Wezner

    Your children are growing up so fast! Adorable boys for sure! In a world so full of bad news, I enjoy reading about the adventures they have... It brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Kathy Bradburn

    I love your newsletters and the stories about your family adventures! The blog is great - love the pictures too. I'm addicted to the Cherry Republic and love to visit any time I can. I live closer to the Ann Arbor store but prefer visiting Glen Arbor. We have a camping vacation coming up near you in July and WILL be visiting your wonderful store! Keep up the great work!!

  • Beverly Wagoner

    Thank you so much for reminding how much fun 2 little boys are to have around. Of course, they thought they were "working hard" Life is never quite so good as watching little boys with sticks!

  • judy mclean

    How wonderful it is experience "up north" through the eyes of a young child. Too bad that they keep growing. Cherish these times.

  • Sue Lannin

    Love the video of Hawthorn & Colebrook, exploring all that nature has to offer and doing "hard work" using sticks to flip stones and check depth of water/mud at the beaver pond along Kelderhouse Rd.

  • Sylvia Hindi

    Dear Bob,
    We went to Tennessee to see a sick friend and visited some waterfalls. Lots of moss, deafening rush of water in cascades and over falls. Lots of hiking down and up rough terrain, but we did it!! One person told us she was proud of us and amazed that could do the hike at our age. The attendant at the hospital parking lot told us we couldn't walk to the main hospital at our age, so she called a courtesy van. After our visit we walked back to the car, a "10 minute walk" in 3 minutes. Now I'd like to visit Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes to see if we can still climb them, at our age.

  • Mark Bakke

    Hi Bobbie!
    Long time since your storytelling tour days or do they continue!
    Hope all is well with The Sutherlands!
    From The Bakke's (Jenkins' friend from Berkley; now Bourbonnais, IL)
    You read these?