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A Walk to School

A speaker at a TEDx event in Traverse City said that the average child from his African homeland walked to school 10 miles. After I heard this fact, I couldn't help but think of Steph and I walking to school with our two young boys. Colebrook, a kindergartener and Hawthorn, a preschooler. A couple weeks later, I woke my family up at 5:30 am and out the door we headed the 7 and 1/2 miles to Glen Lake Community Schools.


























































































Daddy says a week later, “Phew, what an adventure.  I was so nervous all that night before.  I thought it would take 2 or 3 hours.  It took double.  But it was so worth it.  We finished at lunch hour.  There were 7 teachers and staff in the office when we signed in.  Colebrook had them enthralled telling them about his walk.  He was just shining and so happy.  Everyone was laughing and I was relieved to see him laughing because he was really mad at me just an hour ago.  While he was talking, his teacher came in, and when my boy told her what he just did, she was so shocked she blurted out, “Why?” and “Wow” at the same time.  It was so funny.  And as people have found about about our odyssey, that’s is about everyone’s reaction-- with some people leaning more on the “why”, some more on the “Wow”.  As for me, I did it because I really knew it would leave me slightly in “awe” if we walked all the way to school... and it has.”

  • julia jurgelowicz

    i think that doing something like that with your kids will become one of the special memories that all of you will remember. I think that what you did was wonderful, when in general not many parents take the time or have it, to do what you did. and then all the beautiful pictures wow. i applaud what you did.

  • Mike

    What an excellent tale, and trailblazing adventure! As to the fawn, I've run across them a couple times, and that "lame" look is actually a defense mechanism: the fawn immediately drops to the ground, and the doe trots around in circles, trying to get your attention. I even have some video of one of these fawns playing opossum. Thank you for sharing your trek.

  • Julie & Don Manuele

    Did you and your wife then walk all the way back home?
    Absolutely fantastic journey. Inspires us to get out and hoof it more often.

  • Kristin Martin

    Wow, what an awesome experience. Although probably a little rough, it sounds like
    it was fun too. A great lesson you have imparted to you children on how very "blessed" we are in this country to have the conveniences that other less fortunate children do not. I'm sure they will never forget that adventure! Great story.

  • Tammy Marinos

    Wow Wow Wow... I am so impressed that you really accomplished this huge task and taught your boys such a valuable life lesson. We live in a world where everything is so fast pace. Because of this, we don't appreciate all that we have at our disposal.
    I'm glad you accepted dry clothes and didn't cave into asking for a ride to school. Your boys will respect you for living out these life lessons by their sides every step of the way... There is much to be learned from this story.
    Thanks for the inspiring story.. And by the way, I appreciated the photos you took along the way. Maybe one day your boys will put a collection of all your great adventures together and we will see them when we return to the land of Cherries this summer.
    Enjoy these times.. in the blink of an eye; they will be all grown and forging their own unique paths...
    Your Cherry Loving Friends,
    The Marinos Family

  • Judy McBride

    You continue to be truly amazing! Glad you gave in to calling Mom for dry clothes!