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Picnic Bundle

Picnic Bundle

Playful Intelligence

The newly released paperback book "Playful Intelligence: The Power of Living Lightly in a Serious World" is a fresh and uplifting read on how to navigate through the oftentimes overwhelming aspects of adulthood. Touching on the topics of imagination, sociability, spontaneity and wonder, author Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D., has assembled a series of engaging case studies that provide practical tips for dealing with everyday life.
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Dr. DeBenedet tapped Cherry Republic's own Bob Sutherland to share his secrets to living a lighthearted life. In the chapter entitled "Spontaneity," Bob reflects on the huge impact his father, Dale, had on him and his siblings growing up and how he made almost every mundane task into a game. After his father's death, Bob became determined to carry on his this lighthearted, 'beaches' attitude himself -- now part of Cherry Republic's core values of Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie.
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