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Original Cherry Salsa - 16 oz.

Original Cherry Salsa - 16 oz.

A signature product, our Original Cherry Salsa is a uniquely Michigan-made, medium-style salsa. A customer favorite.
A signature product, our Original Cherry Salsa is the result of a three-year-long effort to find just the right balance of sweet and spice. This uniquely Michigan-made, medium-style salsa is a customer favorite. Buy it by the jar, or buy it by the case to share. Happy dipping!


71 Customer Reviews

amazing salsa
Review by Alice / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
We go to Manistee Michigan to visit my father in law and always hit Glemwoods who sell you salsa. After buying 3 jars my husband opened on before we even left Manistee and ate almost the whole jar. Need to defiantly buy more. Love love love this salsa
Review by Randy Tambourine / (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Probably my most favorite of any salsas. Just enough heat to make it interesting but still with great flavor!
Sweet and Spicy Anytime Snack
Review by Andrea Satoh / (Posted on 9/21/2015)
The sweetness of the cherries combined with a subtle spicy flavor makes this the perfect anytime snack day or night.
Love Cherries
Review by Mary Young / (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Sweet, savory and yummy.
Cherry Salsa - Can't live without it!
Review by Marilyn Dalman / (Posted on 9/17/2015)
We order a case every year for our own use. I also send gift basket's to my family for the Holiday's. It is now everyone's favorite. Love it on breakfast burritos and breakfast casserole! YUMO!
Best Salsa This, and That, Side of the Rockies
Review by Jeff Velis / (Posted on 9/11/2015)
When I was living in California, Mom and Dad would be certain to include a jar in virtually every care package. Now that I'm back in Michigan, well...they just won't have to ship as far.
The hot salsa is a family favorite.
Review by Jim / (Posted on 9/10/2015)
We buy at least 2 cases a year and mix it with chili and other dips and always is the hit of the party.
Love cherry salsa
Review by Kim chisholm / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
This is always a hit at our family get togethers.it tastes much better than traditional salsa.we keep it stock at our house always!!!
Review by Dolores Jones-Hoffmann / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
I love the Cherry Salsa - it is sweet and spicy! Yummy!
Spicy Cherry Goodness
Review by Zach Dugger / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
This salsa has an excellent cherry flavor with just the right level of spiciness to bite the tongue with. I love it!
Cheers for Cherry's with ZIP
Review by Fred Goldenberg / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
Love salsa, love cherries, great taste with a wide range of food.
Tried Many different types...but keep coming back
Review by Gary Pritchard / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
We are Salsa Addicts and have tried many different flavors and types of Salsas. With all the ones we've tried, we keep coming back to the Original Cherry Salsa from Cherry Republic. It's got a fine sweetness/flavor that makes it perfect with any type of chip or needed topping. Keep it up Cherry Republic.
Review by Charlotte Layne / (Posted on 9/9/2015)
Tasted the Cherry Salsa at a Christmas Village, and, "Wow!!" I have given it as gifts and keep a jar myself. Absolutely love it!!
Best in the West - Michigan too
Review by Shel Pasichnyk / (Posted on 9/8/2015)
We live in Montana & started buying Original Cherry Salsa when we visited Relatives in Michigan. We took some home - yum, gave as gifts - yum & reorder all the time - yum yum!
Flexible and delicious!
Review by D. Sue Winkel / (Posted on 9/8/2015)
My family loves Cherry Salsa. We use it in our chili and on our chicken. It is a great appetizer treat drizzled over cream cheese and served with crackers. My husband and I travel to the Florida Keys in the winter and we have started taking this as a Michigan treat for our friends. They now eagerly look forward to the arrival of their Cherry Salsa.
Hands down, favorite salsa
Review by Alicia / (Posted on 9/8/2015)
This is my favorite salsa; hands down. When we have it in the house, it maybe lasts two days. It's deliciously chunky with great flavor. A little bit of heat, but not overpowering (I'm very heat adverse and this is the right blend). We've given this salsa as gifts and everyone always raves about it (even non salsa lovers).
Review by Julie B / (Posted on 9/8/2015)
I love this salsa! Just the right amount of everything makes a very smooth texture that is delightful with chips or veggies or grilled fish.
Cherry Salsa is the best
Review by Kaye Castle / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
FOr the last few years we have take jars of Cherry Salsa back from vacation as a gift to a neighbor who watches our cat. He absolutely loves the stuff! I don't like salsa and never eat it. I decided to buy a small jar to have on hand. I tried it and now I am addicted! I absolutely am a fan of cherry salsa.
excellent product -
Review by Bill McAllister / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
shared the low and medium heat salsa with 3 first-time friends visiting GA last week, and they all loved it. my family has loved it for years.
Delicious and Tasty
Review by Christine Evans / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
I would never have thought that cherries would make great salsa. This product changed my mind. It is so delicious and tasty. My mom bought it for me as a gift and I was not disappointed. You just can't stop eating it.
This is a little piece of heaven!
Review by Tina Bishop / (Posted on 9/6/2015)
I can't stop about this salsa!! I love me some salsa, and try all kinds, but this one is a show stopper!! I get the mild heat and could eat the entire jar, in hiding of course, so I don't have to share! It has a delish fresh taste with bursting sweet cherries-nom nom! This is something you can only get from Cherry Republic. I have tried to comb the earth and find something sweet similar, like mango, peach or pineapple-good luck! You will never in a million years find a salsa this absolutely wonderful! I am overdue to order another jar! My friend brought us a jar back from a trip to Michigan last week and it was gone in an afternoon, oh my breaking heart!!
Great product
Review by Karen Mugridge / (Posted on 9/6/2015)
If you are using with chips or adding to a dish this salsa is for you. I make a dish with stew beef adding lots of vegetables. Just before it is done I add a jar of cherry salsa and everyone loves it. I also use on seafood. This is one product you will find hundreds of uses for.
Great Stuff
Review by Dave Cipolla / (Posted on 9/6/2015)
The salsa is great with the cherry nacho chips
Best Salsa Ever!
Review by Kelly / (Posted on 9/5/2015)
I am not a salsa eater. However, this salsa is so delicious that I can't stop eating it. It has just enough sweetness to keep you coming back for more!
Review by Bob Matota / (Posted on 9/5/2015)
Very tasty -- superior to "mass market retailers" in every way. Very mild - I personally prefer a bit more "pop" or heat to the salsa, but excellent for flavor. Great for the faint of heart or when you don't know the preferences of the guests.
love the taste goes with chips, meats , and cheeses. So versatile.
Review by Nancy mac / (Posted on 9/5/2015)
great product so versatile. Goes with anything like meats, cheese, crackers, chips and sour cream. Taste great!
So good- that you will pay for overnight shipping to get it in time for the Super Bowl !
Review by Donna Silha / (Posted on 9/5/2015)
That is all that my husband had a taste for and needed for his private Super Bowl Party. Finger licking good to the last drop! We were given a little jar for Christmas from a friend- and were hooked! Incredible flavor. Bright , and clean with the surprising taste of cherry that comes through . Wonderfully exciting product! We love it!
Delish dish!
Review by Marge / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
A great salsa for our summer get togethers at the lake. We all enjoyed it from small kids to adults. Great combined with corn chips as a dip! Can't stop eating it!
Can't Get Enough!
Review by Kim Sherlock / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
We LOVE Original Cherry Salsa! Not only do we scoop it with chips, we also spread the salsa on grilled chicken and pork. There is always a battle over who gets the last bit in the jar! Love Original Cherry Salsa!
Sweet and tangy
Review by Susan Scott / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Sweet and tangy with just the right amount of zip to it!
Our “go-to” Michigan gift
Review by Laurie Onopa / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
This salsa, combined with a package of dried cherries, and a jar of cherry BBQ sauce, is our “go-to” gift from Michigan -- also could be considered a “go to Michigan” invitation!)
Great Salsa, many uses!
Review by Janet / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
I love this salsa, not just for chips, but it is wonderful on cream cheese and crackers, on brie baked, I even eat it on cheesecake! (a little sweet, a little spice).
Best salsa I have ever had
Review by Dianne Dulnik / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
This is the only salsa I have ever been able to eat. I love the flavors along with just enough sweetness from the cherries.
Great taste but a little sweet
Review by Georgette Depew / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
I love most cherry republic products. My favorites being the dark chocolate covered cherries and dried cherries for baking.
Amazing stuff!
Review by Kim Holmes / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
My husband and I both agree that there in no better salsa in the Midwest (and probably in the country) than your cherry salsa. I am originally from Manistee and make it a habit of picking some up when we go North to visit my parents. When you are in Indianapolis I always stock up, and then also order online whenever we run out. We always have your salsa in our pantry.
love it
Review by freddi kilburn / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Another hostess gift that always pleases. Dinner parties, cocktail parties....always a hit.
This is the Best!!!
Review by Bonnie Brooks / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
This is the best salsa we have had! I recommend it to all our family and friends!
Love this stuff
Review by Sandra Guerro / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
The best salsa!! We love it. Grandkids cannot get enough of it.
Original Cherry Salsa
Review by Kathy Kirchner / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Born in Michigan, but living in Texas, I first came to know about Cherry Republic when you set up a booth at the Nutcracker Market in Houston. I am NOT a traditional salsa lover, but I absolutely LOVE this salsa. Like the mild one best. It's sweet and has such a rich cherry flavor. Last Christmas I sent my Michigan siblings gift boxes from Cherry Republic and now they are also big fans. Guess what they are getting again for Christmas this year? Drove all the way to Glen Arbor from Mt. Pleasant last spring just to buy a new supply of salsa, jams, cherry chips, and shirts!
so delicious!
Review by adogg / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
I love this salsa! It is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I could seriously eat a whole jar.
Review by Henning / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
We love this salsa and it does make a nice present too.
Cherry Salsa
Review by Laurie Bagozzi / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
absolutely love this salsa!!! Could eat a whole jar in one sitting! lol
So good!
Review by Kim Ramzee / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
This salsa is the best. We eat it by itself and layered with sour cream and refried beans. It's awesome - do not hesitate to try it. It's not too sweet - just the right amount of sweet and savory!
Wow...Salsa doesn't get better than this...
Review by Jennifer S / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
If you don't like cherry's, if you don't like salsa, if you don't like Michigan...you will still LOVE this salsa. It's amazing. Perfect amount of cherry and tomato to make a tangy, slightly sweet perfect salsa. During the holidays I buy a bunch and give them out as gifts. A Michigan native living in Florida, I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about the amazing salsa and its a way for me to brag about my home state.
Review by Christina Long / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
A wonderful blend of sweat and spicy. Perfect for a summertime chip & salsa kind of party!
Can't get enough!!
Review by Patrick / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Some of the best salsa around!! Just the right amount of Spice and just the right amount of Sweet!!
Review by GAIL / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
I have to admit, I let this sit in my pantry for a year, because it did not sound appetizing at all. I'm an idiot. The most delicious salsa I've ever had! Sweet and Tangy. A bit spicy. I admit, I eat it out of the jar! Chips are just a waste!
Review by Rick Farfsing / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
As a famous TV Tiger would say, "They'rrrre GREAAAAT!"
Michigan Cherry Chili
Review by SuzyM / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
When reading one of the Cherry Republic (CR) Newsletters, they mentioned a Michigan Cherry Chili recipe. I e-mailed them for the recipe and Katie M. sent a copy to me immediately. It uses 9 oz. of the CR Original Cherry Salsa, which I quickly placed my order for. It was quick and easy and best of all delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe, it has become a staple in my collection.
We just love the Cherry Salsa
Review by Gerrit DeGraaf / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
We received the salsa as a Christmas gift last year and just fell in love with it. When we have friends over and serve it as a snack they all love it too. Have tried the rest but yours is the best.
The Best Cherry Salsa
Review by Megan Connelly-Accardi / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Cherry Salsa was part of a gift package I received years ago. I had no idea what to expect, so I put it aside. One evening, caught unawares by guests, I pulled it out and served it. While it lasted (which wasn't long), it became a focal point! It is different and delicious. Over the years, I've tried others, but none have compared to Cherry Republic's.
Cherry Salsa is the best!
Review by Diane Reed / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
I never knew that Cherry Salsa could be so good until we made a visit to the Cherry Republic store in Glen Arbor - what a treat!
Can't get enough
Review by Casey / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
We live in Ohio and visit "Up North" a couple weeks during the summer months. We love Cherry Republic in Traverse City and Glen Arbor!! My daughter and I can't get enough of the Cherry Salsa. It's so good!! There's no other salsa that compares! She was happy to discover that you have a store in Ann Arbor and said we'll have to visit it more often because we can't wait until summer time to get our salsa. We may need to order a case to get through the winter. Thank you!!
cherry salsa
Review by lynn bean / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
This is the best flavor for chips and i have been buying it for years, sometimes by the case, when i traverse city you must try there salsa and it will become your favorite too.
Chips, dips and more
Review by Mark Folta / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
'Love this sweet tasting salsa. Excellent for marinating with balsamic vinegar, too, or as a cracker dip with cream cheese and a glass of wine.
Gotta Have It
Review by Doreen Morrison / (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Love, love, love this salsa! Whenever we go to the Republic, this is a must buy. When my daughter lived in California, I would ship some to her and make her day!
ok but needs hotter flavor
Review by Richard Germer / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
This product is ok for those who like salsa without a spicy kick. It needs a much spicy taste.
The Best
Review by Regina Young / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
I really like the Original Cherry Salsa. It has just the perfect combination of flavors to make it the best Salsa. It is great with chips and added to rice and bean dishes.
Review by Anthony and Vira / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
We headed up north last fall and made a "pit" stop to Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor. We were impressed with the variety of foods and drinks available and loved sampling all of the items displayed throughout the store. The Original Cherry Salsa made a huge impression on us and we made sure to bring enough jars back to share with friends and family. The salsa was a hit with everyone! It has just the right amount of sweet cherry flavor combined with a bit of spiciness that isn't overbearing and it goes well with all sorts of snack products - especially salsa chips! We can't wait to get back to Cherry Republic to restock our salsa supply and to bring home more goodies for everyone!
Sweet and Spicy
Review by Tammy K / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
What a nice change to regular salsa! A perfect mix of sweet and spicy!
Love the cherry salsa
Review by Katharine Westie / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
We love all the products at CR, but love the cherry salsa the best. We serve it w chips and crackers at our home, and give it for gifts. But my favorite way to use it is as a sauce over grilled salmon or other fish. It makes a plain old piece of fish something special. Try it!
Perfect Blend of sweet and spicy
Review by Debbie Donohue / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
The right hint of spice to a perfect cherry salsa. A must buy when we visit Glen Arbor.
Sweet and tangy salsa
Review by Susan Wilcox / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Whenever I visit Cherry Republic, I always buy my "must haves"...however, I also buy 1 thing that I have not tried yet. On one of my visits, I purchased the Original Cherry Salsa and I am happy to say that it is now one of my "must haves"! I buy the Salsa by the case and often give it as gifts. It is such a yummy, fresh take on salsa. If I am getting low, I stretch it by adding to a normal store bought salsa to give the salsa some "real" flavor!
Our Favorite Salsa!!!
Review by Toni Dreist / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
My best friend got my entire family hooked on this salsa! It is chunky, has the perfect amount of spice and flavor that keeps you coming back for more. I started out buying the small jars and then said, forget it, I'm only buying the large size from here on out since the four of us could polish off a small jar just at dinner. I prefer this salsa over any other salsa out there, best stuff around, truly!!
Mouthwatering awesomeness!
Review by Sherry K / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
There is not one person that can stop eating this salsa We have given this as gifts and always make sure it is part of our get togethers, and we always here the same thing "we can't stop eating this salsa, it's delicious" We received it as a gift years ago, and ever since we have used this as gifts for hostess gifts, thank you gifts and holiday gifts. Makes a perfect gift anytime of the year.
wonderful salsa
Review by eileen maher / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
I love the original.Salas.it is a hit. We get ordered few times a year and we buy it when in Michigan it only lasts In the house a week after buying and is a.great party dip
Best salsa in the World!
Review by Karen Lake / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
I live in TC and can't wait to get back to the original Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor to purchase my favorite cherry salsa. It's a unique product with a unique taste. I always take my visitors there to introduce them to the cherries from the Cherry Capital of the World!
Cherry Salsa is great!
Review by Susan Nylund / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Serving the Original Cherry Salsa is always a hit during football season. It takes our guests by surprise, and they gobble it up! Thank you Cherry Republic for taking the salsa to new level!
Great stuff
Review by Judy Tackett / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
Occasionally my husband & I will have cheesy quesadillas & salsa in the evening. Of course it has to be this salsa. It is just sweet enough & with a little spice
Some of the Best Salsa I've Tried
Review by LTC (R) Gary Hermsen / (Posted on 9/3/2015)
We bought a jar of the cherry salsa to try and now we're hooked! Looking forward to our next visit so that we can stock up
Our favorite!
Review by June Krantz / (Posted on 2/1/2015)
We received a jar of the cherry salsa as a gift many years ago and loved it! Now we are never without a supply and often give it as a gift. It has a unique and semi sweet flavor that's wonderful with so many foods.