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Coconut Boomchunka - Case of 12

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Sunset Blush - Case of 12

Montmorency Nouveau Preserves - Case of 12

Coming July 17th, 2018! There's nothing like the sensation of popping a warm, just picked cherry into your mouth, where it explodes with tartness and juiciness all in one glorious bite. But since we can't bring every Cherry Republic customer to an orchard to experience this singular deliciousness, we decided to bring the orchard straight to you in our Nouveau Montmorency Preserves.
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Truly the freshest jam you can get, we harvest the very first crop of Montmorency Red Tart Cherries in late July, rush them to our production facility in Empire, MI, and deliver still-warm jars of preserves to our stores within 24 hours. It's a Herculean feat, to be sure but so worth it when we see our customers jockeying for position just to secure their own little taste of heaven in a 17-ounce jar. 17 oz. jars; Case of 12

See the process from orchard to store!

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