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The Cherry Republic Experience is staffed by a team of fun-loving, knowledgeable, outdoor enthusiasts. Their expertise ensures you and your family will have the greatest "up north" experience possible.

Danny Kleinhenz

Cherry Stompers Program Director

Nature is our greatest teacher. This is a philosophy that Danny Kleinhenz lives by and loves to share with others. He grew up trekking the bayous of Houston, Texas with his four brothers catching fish, snakes, turtles, frogs and other critters. Now he brings those skills and more to the Cherry Republic Experience. Danny has over a decade of experience working with kids of all ages and personalities. He spent 8 seasons working as an outdoor educator and 5 summers as a summer camp counselor. As program director for the Cherry Republic Experience he brings a desire to teach, learn and have fun!  He leads kids with spontaneity and teaches them how to respect and love nature as well as each other! He helps them to break down fears and step outside of their comfort zones. Danny always has something up his sleeves to keep the kids entertained.  In his free time Danny enjoys tinkering with electricity, playing guitar, being in nature, and hunting for rocks on the shores of Lake Michigan. This year he is back again to help spread joy and knowledge to all.


Jordan Green

Cherry Stompers Program Director

Jordan’s experience as Director of a Junior Leadership Program, outdoor educator, and camp counselor in the past seven years will bring a diversity of skills to her work at Cherry Republic this summer. In addition, she has visited 15 countries in the past five years, doing research, volunteer work, and learning about various cultures. Jordan is currently embarked on a two-year Master of Social Work program, and is working intensively with children and families in a therapeutic setting. Using nature as a catalyst, she hopes to empower young people to build confidence and independence while strengthening life skills and cultivating a curiosity and love for learning.  Her approach to leadership places a high regard on compassion, mindfulness, fun, and the existential pursuit of meaning and authentic living. This is evident not just in the way that Jordan works with individuals and families, but in the ways she relates to the simple tasks of caring for one’s self, the family system, the broader community, and planet earth. In her free time Jordan enjoys camping, gardening, running, reading, cooking, acrobatic yoga, traveling, and spending time with family. There is nowhere else she would rather be this summer than teaching, learning, laughing and living in northern Michigan!