$9.95 Flat Rate Shipping

Chocolate Shipping

When shipping chocolate or frozen concentrate, special care must be taken to ensure the products do not melt. Both current temperatures and transit time need to be taken into account.

Our freezer boxes help to keep shipments containing either chocolate or frozen concentrate cool. We recommend this special shipping pack when shipping chocolate or concentrate to temperatures 70 degrees and warmer.

Shipping Transit Times

The transit time to your package's destination is also important.

Orders utilizing Cherry Republic Flat Rate Shipping generally arrive between 4-9 business days, although it can be sooner within Michigan, and can take longer if going across the country. Our freezer box stays cool for two days, so we recommend shipping Two-Day for $14.95 (which includes the price of the freezer box). This will ensure your product arrives safely.

Current Weather Conditions

If temperatures will be above 70 degrees during your package's transit, we strongly recommend a freezer box. Please see the National Weather Service for weather conditions or click the map below.

weather map