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All cherries. All the time.

We'll come right out with it... Cherry Republic is the place you come for all things CHERRY, and all things DELICIOUS! The good people of northern Michigan welcome you with open arms to dive into our outrageous year-around cherryfest. Let the good times roll!

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News from the Republic

  • Two Boys and Their Lines

    Two Boys and Their Lines

    The Coho came into the Crystal River recently.  Colebrook and Hawthorn have been driving by the fishermen on their way to school each day, which r... Read More

  • Winners Announced! 2017 Summer Photo Contest

    Winners Announced! 2017 Summer Photo Contest

    We received hundreds of amazing submissions during our 2017 Summer Photo Contest. Each and every photo beautifully captured our motto Life, Liberty... Read More

  • Glen Arbor Campus Expansion

    Glen Arbor Campus Expansion

    Cherry Republic has been quietly planning for several years to expand our flagship Glen Arbor campus. Back in 2013, we started preparing for a lon... Read More