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WoofWhomper Dog Cookies

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WoofWhomper Dog Cookies

A request for years from our customers, we have finally been able to perfect a great "Cherry Republic" dog treat. Handmade just like our Boomchunka cookies, these cookies are designed to inspire days of tail wagging in each bag. Each bag comes with an aluminum dog tag. Ziplock pouch contains 13 oz.

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Awesome dog treats!

I bought these starting several years ago. Our dogs now know the difference between "cookie" and "Woof Whompers". When we say "Do you want a woof whomper"? they start barking and our little one jumps up and down. These are hands down their favorite treats! 100% dog approved!!!

Lisa | February 27, 2016

This product can be used for gluten free diets for humans.

I purchased this product because I noticed there was no gluten in the ingredients. My daughter is looking to reduce her gluten intake. We both evaluated them. Both of us agreed they were tasty, but more like biscotti. Perhaps with the modification of honey they would be slightly sweeter and a little chewier. However, we both think the market would be broader for gluten free cookies than dog biscuits. The price point is high for a dog treat. Humans will pay for luxury food!

sharon abke | September 8, 2015

Whompers #1

This is our dog Hazie the golden retriever's "special treat" for extra good behavior. We give her 1/2 a cookie at a time and she takes it into the other room like she just found a gold coin. Too special to eat immediately in front of the riff raff. Need to get those back in stock.

Jeff Bash | September 3, 2015

His eyes light up when he smells these treats!

I put a bag of these cookies in my dog's Christmas stocking a couple years ago and he's been a big fan ever since. Thanks for the joy.

Tammy | April 24, 2015

Dog approved!!

My Lab and German Shepherd dogs drool over these cookies!! When I visit my sister in Ann Arbor, the Cherry Republic is a must to stop in and get a few bags. When we were there in June, they were out of them, but took my name an phone #, and they called me in September to let me know they just got a shipment. They held them for me for 3 weeks until I made a trip in Oct to stock up. Whenever I open a bag, my lab starts to wiggle and jump. My Shepherd just starts to drool. They are gone in a matter of seconds!! Gulp!! Wonderful healthy treat for your pooches!

Kelly L. | October 30, 2014

Our dog loves these cookies

These cookies were miracle workers -- our dog would go out to the yard before bed, and would get distracted and not come back in. We would end up going out and looking around in the dark to find her -- not pleasant on a cold, dark night in the winter. But now all we have to do is show her one of these cookies when we let her out, and she runs right back in to get it. We never want to run out of these cookies!

Joan | September 16, 2014

My dog gives these cookies 4 paws up!

My Lab loves his WoofWhomper cookies! Whenever we visit my daughter at UofM, we always go into the Cherry Republic Store in Ann Arbor and we usually bring back a bag of WoofWhompers to our Black Lab-Monty, who stayed home and was a good boy! He forgives us for leaving him whenever we show up with his favorite WoofWhomper Cookies! The last time we visited the Ann Arbor store they were out of the WoofWhompers, but somehow they found 3 lone cookies behind the desk, which they wrapped up and threw in special for Monty! Gotta LOVE the WoofWhompers!

Mary Beth Halushka | September 12, 2014