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Original Cherry Salsa

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Original Cherry Salsa


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  Spicy Cherry BBQ Meatballs

This has been the best selling product at Cherry Republic for many years. The perfect balance of sweet and spice make for a great medium style salsa.

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My picky eater loves this salsa!

My family has been enjoying The Cherry Republic Cherry Salsa since the store opened. Every time we visit Glen Arbor it is an essential purchase. We also order it from the catalogue. One of the biggest surprises, however, is that our son loves it. As with many parents who have children with an autism spectrum disorder we are challenged with a very picky eater. That is why it is so refreshing to find something that is remotely healthy that he will eat. Please don't ever change your original recipe, even a little. Believe me - he will notice!

Margaret smith | September 18, 2015

Best salsa ever

Brought jars back to Connecticut and shared with family. Biggest hit ever. They shared with friends and now I have to order it by the case.

Cathy Roosa | September 4, 2015

Always very tasty.

We've been ordering this for years & go through it so fast. I also give it for Christmas gifts & all my friends love it too. We live in Montana & consider this one of a kind.

Shel | October 2, 2014

My favorite salsa!

I already love cherries put putting them into salsa makes a whole new treat. I can eat the whole jar by myself. I think my father got me started on this item. Delicious just like all the other products!

Josette Pashkowsky | October 2, 2014

My favorite salsa!

Full of flavor and so delicious I can easily eat the whole jar by myself. I love cherries anyways but putting them in salsa makes a whole new treat!

Josette | October 2, 2014


This is the very best salsa combining a blend of spice and sweetness. Its can't just have a few chips and the salsa...many times half a jar can be consumed by one person! I particularly love the it really brings out the flavors. It is so unique there isn't another product like it.. We love to visit the store in Glen Arbor on our as well is so unique in a beautiful setting.

BARBARA STRAWSBURG | September 28, 2014

Sweet and spicy!

The perfect blend of sweet and spicy....bursting with cherry flavor! We order it by the case and I put some of it in gift baskets; but most of it we eat ourselves. It's great with chips, but is also good as a condiment on fish or tacos. Guests have loved it. I think I may have to go open a jar now!

Sue Bauer | September 19, 2014

Best form of payment

Last winter our neighbor wasn't able to keep up with all the snow that fell. So my husband and his tractor cleared their driveway more than one time. Instead of taking payment for his snow clearing abilities, he was paid in Cherry Republic Salsa & BBQ sauce. I found that I benefitted from this arragement more than anyone! I didn't have to do any of the work but got to reap the reward of having Cherry Republic in the middle of winter. Here's hoping to another snowy winter this year!

Linda Stoffel | September 19, 2014

Salsa love

I love about everything Cherry Republic. Cherry salsa is a 2-3 jar purchase every time we come to GA. If my daughter ( who watches the dog while we are gone) doesn't get a large jar when we return... I fear she will stop watching the dog. 3 cheers for Original Cherry Salsa.

Lynne K | September 19, 2014

The BOMB!!!

This is, hands down, the BEST salsa I've ever tasted in my life

Mimi Kirby | September 13, 2014

Best. Salsa. EVER!

I brought 6 jars of this home from vacation. Last night I wasn't feeling like making dinner right away so I started snacking on some chips and opened a jar of salsa. I finished the jar. I'm not proud. But it was delicious! :D

Amy Gordon | August 22, 2014