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Great North Dried Fruit Mix - 12 oz.

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Great North Dried Fruit Mix - 12 oz.

The farms and orchards surrounding the Republic grow such fabulous fruit that we decided to put them together in one bag so our Citizens can taste them all! The Great North Dried Fruit Mix features both Montmorency and Balaton cherries, cranberries, apricots, and blueberries. So good you can close your eyes and feel the fruit trees growing up all around you!

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Great North Fruit Mix, not just for snacking, great in home baked goods too!

We first purchased the Great North Fruit Mix as a snack, but quickly moved to adding it to our homemade granola and muesli recipes. Then we moved on to alter the third generation family fruitcake recipe by substituting this fabulous dried fruit mix for the traditional, dubious fruit mixture. A new holiday tradition was born! We sent a bag of these stellar dried fruits to Kentucky, where the family matriarch has officially changed the recipe to include a taste of Michigan! Thank you, Cherry Republic!

Tom & Barbara Rich | September 10, 2015

AWESOME! If you look up "awesome" in the dictionary - 1st listing says Cherry Republic. The Fruit Mix is the AWESOMEST!

Just read summary!
AWESOME times a million!

Vic Wells | September 10, 2015

"Airplane Food"

This made my 'crossing the pond' airline experience palatable this past June! I added some cashews (for my salty cravings) to this mix and snacked throughout the flight, happy to spare my tummy the tasteless airline food. Even kept the rest of the bag for several days and enjoyed the last of it with friends! I'll continue to use your tasty mixes on all my European flights from now on! :-) thanks for engaging my taste buds!

Elizabeth Hanley | September 4, 2015

Nice snack while out hunting.

I found this to be excellent snack while hunting. It is just right flavor combination to remind me why that i love nature.

Richard Germer | September 4, 2015