In the News

We sell a ton of cherries to our customers and they're always quick to tell us what they think of us. But it's also nice when some newspaper, TV show, or magazine has a kind word or two to say. Sometimes we let the fame go to our heads, but most of the time we stay pretty grounded.

Here's a selection of quotations from publications large and small:

“The Willy Wonka of cherries.” ~ Good Morning America

“If Disney did cherries, the result would look like Cherry Republic.” ~ Rachael Ray

“Strangely beautiful, delicious and eccentric, rustic and friendly, cool and sweet, rooted in the bounty of the region . . . that strange Cherry Republic store somehow manages to perfectly capture the flavor of northern Michigan.” ~ Washington Post

“Any rightful claim to the title of Michigan cherry king belongs to Bob Sutherland, owner of Cherry Republic.” ~ Wall Street Journal

“The owner is a simpleton. Selling more than one fruit would be too complicated.” ~ Bob's mother, Mary

“The place to visit is Cherry Republic.” ~ Chicago Tribune

“Life at Cherry Republic is more than just a bowl of cherries. It's more like a progressive dinner with cherries every step of the way.” ~ Detroit Free Press